In Ukraine «Electronpobutprylad» plant is a leading specialized enterprise in mass production of household  electric appliances, DC and AC motors.


«Electronpobutprylad» plant it is a semicentennial production experience, a high industrial potential, highly skilled staff, availability of technological processes, permitting closed-loop production cycle. Unity of a great experience and advanced industrial processes ensures a guarantee of quality, maximal energy efficiency and production operating life under different conditions.


The main area of the enterprise activity is manufacturing of AC and DC electric motors of power to 500 Wt, used as electric drives of industrial and domestic electrical appliances in different branches, including rail transport, vehicles and food industry, agricultural enterprises and equipment of a special purpose.


Due to high specifications – reliability, wear resistance, practicality and also compliance with the requirements of international standards «Electronpobutprylad» plant electric motors create a real competition for domestic analogs and  have a high rating among foreign producers – production of the plant is a part of completing units of autonomic car heaters, supplied  to the leading car manufacturers of Europe and the world.


Wellcome to «Electronpobutprylad» plant!