Zinc plating of metals

The plant renders services in deposition of protective rust-resistant and bright decorative galvanizing of small and big lots of fine parts as spindles, pins, metal products, ets.


Galvanic shop of the enterprise is equipped with:

- mechanized line of bright galvanizing of small steel parts in ЛО-94М drums with 25-kg maximum chagrining weight of parts;

- galvanizing line on hanger brackets in the bath of 800х1200х900 mm size;

- three bell type installations for galvanizing small lots of fine parts with working volume of each «bell» of 25 l;

- three installations of underwater aluminium and stainless steel parts polishing.


Capacity of bright galvanizing shop is 4000 kg/month, underwater polishing shop of aluminium parts – 1000 kg/month.


If you are interested in our offers, details of your order you can send by email office@epp.electron.ua.




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