Plastic production


The plant renders services in manufacturing of articles and various parts of all types of plastics, including the use of customer`s equipment.


Plastic production of the plant is equipped with automatic thermoplastic injection machines, such as: SSB (Taiwan), DE 3132-250Ц1 (Ukraine) and Kuasi Germany), and also with facilities for compression moulding of complex shaped parts, using a wide range of polyamides (ABS, polystyrenes, polypropylenes).


At the plant for polymers recovery a dryer and a crusher are used.


The plant manufactures parts for:

- food industry – stoppers, lids, holders, containers, etc.;

- electromechanical arrangements and devices – cases, covers, brackets, etc.;

- connecting mechanisms – gears, muffs, cases, etc.


A wide range of dyes, including ones acceptable to contact with foodstuffs is used.


General capacity of the plant plastic production – to 30 t of production per month.


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