Metal working


The plant renders the following services in metal working:

blank production and stamping works:

- plates cutting of the thickness to 4 mm and rolls of 300 mm width by guillotine and multiple-plate scissors;

- stamping on mechanical, crank and hydraulic presses, automatic press and double-acting press with force from 6.3 t/cm to 63 t/cm;

- parts stamping from sheet-metal of 1,5 mm width.


general machining works:

- turning on automatic lathe of longitudinal turning;

- grinding on grinding machines without centering of 3Ш183 type;

-  cold knurling of different profiles, accurate fixture, trapezoidal and other threads, using UPW-12,5 thread-rolling (profile-rolling) machine;

- milling of cylindrical straight- and spiral tooth wheels of cast iron, steel, alloyed steel on gear-milling machine of 5Д63Г type;

- manufacturing of springs (wire diameter – to 8 mm) on spring-winding automatic machine of ЗИМ-130 type.


Also the plant offers mass production of the parts such as shafts (maximum diameter of 16 mm), machining of the parts of the weight to 50 kg with toothing, coordinate and thermal treatment and manufacturing of facilities (moulds, dies, injection molds) according to the customer`s specimen or drawing.


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